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Aug 2019
Twin ancient pyramids
standing still we are
a mystery to ponder on
aren't we?
Jealousies hunts me though
ancient twin love
I am crazed a human in love
sinceΒ I first looked at you
and with just one look
thats all it took
I fell madly in love with you
I guess I found a praying saint
poet teacher mine
I dreamed of making
mad passionate love to you too
you were irressistible
sensual carefree with a white
slanted mysterious smile
to die for and ayyy amor
how painful this is!
I imagined you Alien
owned in heart
in another's arms
inside that ancient
perfect key match
heaven's gate
climbing mountains
The rivering watterfalls
on Earth swipped me down
forcefully so
just to drop me back
right into your ocean
reminding me
you were my chronological genius
for me a chronological disaster
I find you everywhere
in poetry in three ptofiles
in mirrors when I write
"I love you" in'm
you are wind acquarius near
and far water in my fire
my starry looking eyes
remained fixed
looking up ******
my giant masked face
in awe of these powers
connecting us in mind in heart
everywhere I look
there is you
and I am safe rich diamonds
are my tears
if only a buyer appeared
my diamonds priceless
bitterseweet luck is mine
such sacred true love
lost and found
to lose it again and again
as in a revolving ugly door
without positive resolution
of two coming into oness
investigating deficits
dividing togederness
unintentional malady
due to undisclosed illness
that cannot be rebutted
feeling rather cursed
abandoned unimportant
mysteriously marked
with time sensitive
for a famed endeavour
to passionately change Earth
And sorry I blocked you
my only friend on Earth
sorry I asked you to unmask
I am only human
most poets won't unmask
they remain covert
how painful
to be fallen down
just to stay pushed
back down again
into the same old pit
no one to give a hand up
from this hell on Earth
a self inflicted in error
unwanted malady.
Ayyy your bending blue
green eyes bewitched me so
Ayyy ay how painful lover mine beloved not to see them live
except in mirrors photo
Nymph sacred tree Dryad!
How late i understood
that with you I had it all
and lost it all.

But this is Earth
beloved precious
old true love
Theres still Heaven
there's more justice there
in the ballancing skales
meassuring hearts
inner core's true love
in the inside we are twins
and outsideΒ so much alike
you smile the smile I smile!
you can't really ever hide
you are me and I am you
our innercores
outer woven countenance
thunderous laughters and all
we are one and the same
twinsouls twin flames
anxient pyramid wonders
never really apart... sigh!
Copy Rights apply.
and 08-2020
You know who I am
behind this giant mask profile
I know you visit me I thank the Universe divine Holly as you are
and to me you are The Lord sent..
nothing else matters more than being understood believed
accounted for remembered
in a different light.
Written by
RhettlvScarlett  England
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