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Monika Layke Oct 7
I'm late and only have a second

before climbing aboard the weekdays

to say; "I miss and love"

jumping into the weekends.
  Oct 7 Monika Layke
Breathe a breathy, "How have you been doing," in your white coat, Dr.
And cast blank but not wholly unconcerned glances my way.
Press cold against my chest, ask me to breathe.
Coax my blood forth-
I can't watch it fill,
Monika Layke Oct 6
Sunshine returned here today
But you wouldn't bother trying to play
Its bright warmth as well
On most days is far
From being drab
But there's a good chance of a crash
Monika Layke Oct 6
I have a headache
Perhaps inspiration grabs
The end of the day
Monika Layke Oct 6
If you wanna believe
then you wanna be right.
If you're feeling the crush
then you’re feeling high.

Let me take you home.

Right in this moment,
here at this time.
If you wanna rely on
and you want to exist
then come on and try.

God forbid we have a connection.
I’d like to know what you are thinkin'.
I think I regret not kissing you.
I should have never left.
Don’t make me sorry.
Don’t make me sweat.

You might be coming back.
You could be a nutjob.
I wanna be right.

I shouldn’t have left,
if you wanna believe.

Let me take you home.
  Oct 6 Monika Layke
She painted a picture
Of a whisper
It was colorblind
And void of any texture
She hung it on my inner ear
And I heard it speak a thousand words
In secret
I replied with my eyes
And she read what was inside
As we remained
Monika Layke Oct 6
Crackling through the currents,
Underwater sonar pulses snap.

Echolocation; bats,
Belfry cue acoustics taking flight.

Breaking through the sevens,
Godspeed channel waves the hereafter.

Rap clap yip yap testing— zap!
Is anybody out there?
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