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Jun 3
We sat on the railing, high above the building, like we were on the edge of the world.
The moon breathed our names, and they soaked into the purple sea.
Raindrops land on my hands, softly pattering against my palms.
The candles, fizzle out, bathing the world in darkness.
But the raindrops on my hands turn into stars, and suddenly, I realized that you were the brightest thing I could ever see.
I wanted to show you, but you were gone. I looked down, to see you fall.
I close my eyes when you hit the ground, but that doesn’t stop me from crying.
I get to the ground as soon as I can.
The neon violet light shines against your skin, making you shine more than I had ever seen you.
You’re right there, blinding me, yet no one sees you.
They’re so sharp, the shards of your broken heart.
They surround you, glinting and sparkling as the starlight rain falls on your face.
I pick up a piece and draw one last picture for you.
a short story i wrote a long time ago. i thought it was soft of poetic, so i decided to post it. hope you like it <3
Written by
       camila and BR Dragos
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