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2d · 49
Hello Amour
Hello amour,
I thought I'd tell you
That your glimmering eyes
Are the souls of stars
I thought you should know
That your lips are like wine
They give me a buzz
When I see them
And drink them in
I thought I would let you know
That your laugh is sweeter than the sound
Of raindrops pattering on roses
5d · 18
sorry but
Mar 11 · 87
Anastasia Mar 11
bare skin
separating lips
eyes closing
gentle fingertips
hands reaching
parting thighs
tongue searching
rosy skies
fluttering lashes
arching back
hands through hair
walls begin to crack
curving neck
swaying hips
hands on waist
biting lips
Mar 9 · 67
Anastasia Mar 9
the curve of your neck
the tilt of your head
the shape of your lips
shiny eyes as tears are shed
shattered glass
in the corners of your eyes
glittering slivers
never-ending highs
the way you move
the form of your thighs
the flick of your wrists
whisper pretty lies
tongue tasting
liking what it finds
can't escape the friction
twisting in your binds
pleasure taking you
out of your mind
wanting it forever
but running out of time
all on your own
watching you sway
moving to the rhythm
you know i'll stay
lost in you
drinking you in
hope you remember
my lips on your skin
look at me
with suffocating green eyes
fingers interlaced
underneath ashen skies
Mar 5 · 47
Anastasia Mar 5
you tease me
with those sweet words
i never know
if they mean something
or if they're just there
to keep me distracted
you look at me
with this strange look in your eyes
is it love
or disgust
or curiosity
found this in my drafts. now i know what it was. boredom.
Mar 3 · 221
Anastasia Mar 3
his eyes
perhaps like the creek
greyish-blue with bits of moss
reflections from the sky
lips like roses
pink and soft
wanting them to press into my skin
once again
like it used to be
elegant hands
one in mine
hair soft
hands running through it
caramel and gold
shining in the sun
a smile
like the sun
lighting up my life
the prettiest boy i've ever seen
inside and out
Feb 29 · 52
Anastasia Feb 29
i have a question
for the boy without wings
with a twinkle in his eyes
who collects many things
dear boy, might i ask
why do you try
when you already know
it's impossible to fly
Feb 21 · 76
living hell
Anastasia Feb 21
don't take a step
you'll set off the land mines
you're being too reckless
inside of your own mind
you're opening memories
you'd rather forget
you're alone and scared
your consciousness is a threat
you don't want to look into the past
your happiness so easily trashed
you're sick and tired
of standing alone
you're breathing in fear
all on your own
all these monsters
stuck in your head
whispers and phobias
that you should be dead
nightmares keep coming back
memories like a heart attack
you've lost so much
and now you'll lose more
the things you've done
behind a closed door
you've been given
a chance at redemption
but you didn't take it
confidence so thin
you're still afraid
i can tell
your life will stay
a living hell
i lost you...
Feb 20 · 131
missing you
Anastasia Feb 20
sitting in the rain
all on my own
thinking of you
and love we used to own
your lips on my neck
the things i remember
tears stream down my face
as i think of forever
i thought we'd have it
guess i was wrong
i want you back
can't be strong
you were the place i belonged to
the wish i always made
the one i'd sing my song to
and the one i always played
i miss you
i'm not lying
my hope
is slowly dying
i wish i could get back to you
wish you'd say you love me too
your smile
on my brain
like a stain
need you back
i can't let go
but i know the truth
i'll be alone
Feb 19 · 415
Anastasia Feb 19
if i can't live without you, then there's nothing left to do but die
Feb 18 · 76
Anastasia Feb 18
i lost you
the one i love the most
i'm scared of you
scared of your ghost
you're killing me
stuck in my head
haunting me
though you're not even dead
you're stuck there
floating in my mind
hurting me
every second, all the time
you're gone
but you're still here
taunting me
filling me with fear
Feb 13 · 92
Anastasia Feb 13
i want to hurt you
but i want you back
i want to **** you
but i need you in my life

i want to watch you burn
have a heart attack
but i want to hold you
want to be your wife

i'm really mad
but i really love you, too
i'm really sad
and i miss you
Feb 5 · 234
pinky promise
Anastasia Feb 5
"pinky promise"
they both said
fingers interlocking
"i'll love you forever"
two young kids
with starry eyes
holding each other
scared of dark
brave with each other
"don't let go"
words whispered
fingers interlocked
Feb 5 · 656
airplane tears
Anastasia Feb 5
crystals flooding her eyes
she blinks, breaking the dam
they stream down her face, sparkling
the lights are a blur and the plane rises above them
she doesn't want to leave
"goodbye," she whispers
to their apartment
"goodbye," she whispers
to their favorite spot by the lake
"goodbye," she whispers
to the person who made her feel like she was worth it
she doesn't want to leave him
but he does
Feb 5 · 139
subway morning blues
Anastasia Feb 5
my eyes are tired
wish i could sleep
smells of coffee
and cologne that's cheap
the clicking of nails
on the slick wood table
everything i do
is so unstable
a sound from my stomach
i'm really hungry
looking in the mirror
the reflection's ugly
Feb 5 · 631
i want to know
Feb 4 · 60
he loves her
Anastasia Feb 4
hearts in his eyes
he couldn't deny
that he loved her

clouds in the sky
seemed to imply
it was softer

a wink and smile
and a little while
she took her toll on him

she was the definition of magic
but it was a little bit tragic
how she teased him relentlessly

she licked her lips
catching the sunlight
when he looked at her
he thought he'd be alright
Feb 3 · 498
Anastasia Feb 3
watching you draw
all the beautiful things you saw
creating worlds
with the movement of your wrist
drawing the lips you've kissed
i see my eyes form
pencil creating a storm
fingers grasping
holding it tightly
lips parting slightly
creating my curls
dark golden locks in swirls
you look up and me and smile
and i want to look at you a while
fingers entwined
as the masterpiece is signed
Jan 30 · 356
Strawberry Syrup
Anastasia Jan 30
Take a sip
Strawberry syrup
Sweet and soft
But never enough
Strawberry sweetness
Smooth in your mouth
Tangy but not sour
Covering the dollhouse
Strawberry syrup
Dripping from your lips
On your fingertips
Staining the lace
On your pretty white dress
Strawberry syrup
Making a mess
Can’t see through the syrupy haze
Covering my eyes in a strawberry glaze
Jan 23 · 135
midnight lights
Anastasia Jan 23
little lights
inside your eyes
pretty stars
in a midnight sky
holding hands
fingers entwined
i've got you
nothing else i need to find
running in the dark
away from it all
the sky is vast
with a love so tall
it held on tight to the pretty lights
the ones called stars
i want you to hold me close
in a world that's ours
dark as twilight
black velvet kiss
you're made of shooting stars
but you're my only wish
Jan 22 · 189
city blur
Anastasia Jan 22
let's sit on top of the building
kiss under the lights of the city
look me in the eyes and tell me i'm pretty

take my hand and we'll walk along the edge
forget the day that we met
stay together no matter what we get

crowns of steel and headlights
we know we'll be alright
stay with me tonight

wind and hands in my hair
shining stars everywhere
running up the stairs

dancing on the fire escape
get it all on tape
buildings fade into blurry shapes
Jan 17 · 113
Anastasia Jan 17
the sky was gray
a dismal day
the water was still without you
my mind was astray
the rain made clay
there's just something about you
the stars have lost their shine
like marbles in the sky
the whole world seems lost
and i think that i know why
you left me on a sunny day
gone without a trace
now the world is filled with sorrow
everything is gray
Jan 10 · 79
Anastasia Jan 10
i'm sorry for trusting her.
you're so beautiful.
i love you.
i'm sorry.
Jan 8 · 61
Anastasia Jan 8
i'm breaking
ground is shaking
why do i let you do this to me
are you confused?
Jan 8 · 159
Anastasia Jan 8
i'm sorry for being human
he said it's annoying when i'm sad....
Jan 7 · 89
Same Within
Anastasia Jan 7
She was fair-skinned and sad
Thinking of all the things she never had
The family that she always missed
Took the knife to her wrists

He was dark like chocolate
Born with a silver spoon
But the loneliness gutted him
Like a harpoon

They both bleed red
Ruby drops
All the same inside
It never stops

Different colors
Same sins
Different parts
Same within
Jan 7 · 170
Anastasia Jan 7
You are...
Every single thing about you
Jan 2 · 72
Bad Memories
Anastasia Jan 2
Scared of the dark
Locked in the basement
Climbing to the top stair
Only to be pushed to the bottom
Locked in my room
Can barely reach the doorknob
A small hungry girl
Sobbing and snotting
No supper again tonight
Or eat off the dogs
Trying to take care of my little brother
Forced to watch him eat my chapstick
It wasn't his fault
Brain not fully formed
Taken from my mother
A foster home was supposed to be better
Watching with tear-filled eyes
As they cut off my doll's hair
Can't stop shaking
Getting punished for it
They took my brother from me
Can't see him anymore
I still cry about it sometimes
This is actually a kind of personal poem. It's about my experience from a few of my foster homes, mainly my first. It was for a contest on another poetry website about PTSD. If you're interested, here's a link
Jan 2 · 162
Ocean Eyes
Anastasia Jan 2
Once upon a time
You told me that
I have oceans in my eyes
That you wanted to drown in them
Weren't telling lies
Daisy without a stem
Dreaming of oceans
To tell the truth
Lying in the sand
I'm too attached to you
Petals in the wind
Salty breeze
Heartstrings have sinned
Didn't even say please
Soft lips
Touching my skin
Best choice of my life
Letting  you in
Modies moving
Dancing shadows
Hold me close
Don't let go
Jan 2 · 91
Hot Stormy Tears
Anastasia Jan 2
It's storming outside
And I realized
I can't be happy without you in my life
The rain plays a rhythmic sound
Drumming against the window
It reminds me, makes me think of how
You would gently tap your fingers on my back
The leaves pressing against the glass
Made me think of your soft lips pressed against mine
Watching dark clouds pass
Thinking of those good times
Thinking of you
And rainy days
Holding you and feeling your breathing
Lost in a diamond haze
Missing you and crying with thunder
Memories hurt
And I can't help but wonder
Did you love me like I love you?
Dec 2019 · 169
Anastasia Dec 2019
i hope you know i'm bleeding for you
Dec 2019 · 184
soft sunset
Anastasia Dec 2019
the trees were lovely
an ocean blue
like your eyes
when I look at you
the sky was pink
a soft sunset
soft blushes
a flushing palette
your arms were around me
we laid in the grass
your lips on my neck
we let the clouds pass
floating their way
into our dreams
Dec 2019 · 61
The boy he loves
Anastasia Dec 2019
The boy he loves is beautiful
With pretty brown eyes
And long soft eyelashes
The boy he loves has a bright sparkly smile
He's tall and strong and has soft caramel hair
The boy he loves is funny and loved
The girl I am is boring
With basic green-blue eyes
and lashes short and average
The girl I am has a stupid cheesy smile
She's scared and weak and has boring ***** blonde hair
The girl I am is not-enough and lonely.
The boy I love doesn't love me
Though my love for him is bigger than the sea
Dec 2019 · 198
love letter
Anastasia Dec 2019
love letters
piling up in my brain
doodled little hearts
making a chain
staring at you
pretty pink lips
soft to the touch
at my fingertips
hands running through
silky soft hair
pretty eyes sparkle
so do mine when you're there
a pink envelope
filled with pretty words
sweet velvety memories
so very gently blurred
writing love letters
wearing big sweaters
of you
an old draft i just finished.
Dec 2019 · 141
dear santa
Anastasia Dec 2019
dear santa
i want one thing
love for me
i would like you to bring
many don't know,
i'm lonely you see,
and i just want
some one to hold me
santa, i would like to meet
a pretty boy who's very sweet
a boy who likes to make me laugh
ad has lot's of questions to ask
i would like someone with a poetic side
someone who has an affinity for the night
i just want someone to love me
thank you santa,
i can't wait to see.
just a christmas wish
Dec 2019 · 675
warm summer day
Anastasia Dec 2019
soft blonde hair
plush kisses on my cheek
fingers tracing circles
at the edge of the creek
and blushing cheeks
wiping tears
fixing the leaks
lips on skin
gentle heat
a warm summer day
with a love so sweet
Dec 2019 · 619
walk in the snow
Anastasia Dec 2019
the sky is golden blue
your cheeks a pinkish hue
walking through the snowy woods
all i want right here with you
time is slow
your hand in mine
falling snow
clouds align
the softest kiss
upon my nose
arms around you
wind softly blows
it's cold
but i can't tell
deep i my heart
my love will dwell
boots are crunching
soft white snow
i love you more
than you will know
Dec 2019 · 125
Anastasia Dec 2019
he whispered
lips close to hers
his arms
round her waist
she listened to his words
bodies moving
under the sunrise
lips touching
shining blue eyes
he whispered
her hands in his hair
taste of love
floating in the air
breath in
each other's essence
each other's presence
he whispered
hands on her
her body shivered
no space between each other
bodies moving against the other
hands clasped
hearts beating
hoping it lasts
faces heating
"my love"
she said.
he told her.
my love
Dec 2019 · 155
Anastasia Dec 2019
i bet you'd taste like chocolate
melting in my mouth
sweet and decadent
just give me one taste
of sweet love
a rich taste
of your cocoa kiss
and your silky lips
32 words exactly.
Dec 2019 · 845
so beautiful
Anastasia Dec 2019
"you're so beautiful,"
i told him.
he looked away
"i'm not"
he said
"you're one of the most beautiful people i've ever met,"
i said.
i'm ugly,"
he told me
"i swear, there's something about, that's just
absolutely beautiful."
i promised.
he looked up
angry tears in his eyes
"No. You don't get it. I'm hideous,"
he yelled.
"you're so beautiful to me"
i said softly as he walked away
i tell him he's beautiful, but what i think doesn't matter to him.
Dec 2019 · 158
heart breaker
Anastasia Dec 2019
vines 'round my heart
tearing it apart
dripping shards
paper skin
ripping softly
declaring love
absolutely falsely
dripping heat
blood falls
breaking hearts
an impressive feat
roses bloom
from seeds of shards
pure love
for you to discard
Dec 2019 · 120
Anastasia Dec 2019
She felt as though her face was on fire and her face was on fire and she felt on fire and she wanted to burn.
Nov 2019 · 305
Queen of Sin (Revised)
Anastasia Nov 2019
Lucy was a girl
With a bright red coat
Dark obsidian curls
You should note
Laughter like bubbles
Floating in the air
And unaware
Her kindness sweet
She was never alone
She had the sweetest dreams
Where she and Lucifer would meet
He would whisper in her ear
And welcomed her to his land of heat
But sweet young Lucy
Didn't know
Her left from right from wrong
Sweet young Lucy
Didn't know the Devil's song
So our sweet young Lucy
When her coat was spattered with red
Didn't know when it happened
That her parents were dead
She bubbled with joy
And giggled so sweet
When Lucifer said her name
"Someday you will be my queen," He said
"After you play the Orphan's Game."
"I will see that if you win
You will be the ruler of sin."
So Lucy laughed and said of course
"Sweet dreams!"
She said,
To her parents while they bled
Now clueless Lucy played his game
And lied the homeless to sleep
To the blind man, she said
"It's safe to cross the street."
Feeding starving cats
Poison made for rats
Shattered glass
In the elderly’s food
Helping in the nursing home
Going straight down
Not even chewed
Puppies in wells
Where darkness dwells
Blooms in the water
Scarlet red
Bits and pieces floating up
The sweetest bit is the head
The joyous sound
Of high pitched screams
An infant lost
Watch their mouths
Cut off their tongue
Jump from the top
The highest rung
Anyone will listen to
That sweet soft voice
Just a few words
Then they’re her toys
“Please, sir,”
She said
“Do this for me”
Immune to any sense of dread
She played his game
And told his lies
And the game had been won
But even then
When she was done
The chaos had
Just begun
She didn't know
What she had wrought
And pain and lashings
The devil man brought
But not to his queen
For she was his Lady in Red
Sweet young Lucy
Would never be dead
Lucy played
His Orphan's Game
Eventually sweet young Lucy
Soon grew up
And Lucy one day
Fell in love
Of course, it was Satan's luck
The Lady in Red with the softest touch
It was a gory romance
The Queen of Sin
Let the devil man's
Emotions in
And since dear Lucy
Was all grown up
She gave in
To Lucifer's lust
And when I say
That blood was shed
Trust me
And Lucy's sweetness
Was not dead
Some call her darling
Or his Queen of Sin
Some call her Lucy
Or God, even
God was a woman
With a blood-stained coat
The devil man's wife
Swimming in her blood moat
Where the bodies of her parents
Would slowly float
And sometimes scratched
The bottom of the boat
Lucy has won
The Orphan's Game
Lucy had played
without shame
Lucy had let
The devil in
And she became
The Queen of Sin
He spoke to her
Voice sweet and soft
“You are my queen,”
A rotting stench his breath would waft
Hard polished lips
On a baby soft cheek
A twisted smile
A giggle at a shriek
“Oh, Lucifer,”
She would say
Dancing to the screams
She would sway
She’d sing him pretty songs
Tales of gore she would spin
Everyone in his land of flames
Would bow down to the Queen of Sin
I changed it up a bit and added about a page more here and there for an assignment :)
Nov 2019 · 351
Black White
Anastasia Nov 2019
Ravens in the snow.
Beauty in its simplest form.
Darkness within light.
Nov 2019 · 185
Anastasia Nov 2019
colors flashing
beneath my lids
open them up
and i see blackness
would be better than this
i don't understand
tell me what this is
behind my eyes
like colored skies
someone, please explain
all these flashing colors
are bringing me pain
something's happening
these hues are breathing
pulsing and repeating
help me escape
gives me come cover
drape my sight
take away the colors
sorry for not posting. support me on my other website here ❤︎
Oct 2019 · 97
i wish i could forget you
Anastasia Oct 2019
i just
i thought i could give up on you
i thought i could forget you
i guess
i'll always love you
Oct 2019 · 118
Anastasia Oct 2019
is this a joke
you're kidding me
you're lying
you don't
love me
you're messing with me
you're trying to make your friends laugh
just another funny story to tell
i don't understand
this is
it has to be
Oct 2019 · 220
You Are Mine
Anastasia Oct 2019
The sun was going down
And you had your hand in mine
We were laying down
And watching the sky
Midnight blue
But none of those colors
Were as pretty as you
You turned over
And placed your lips on mine
They were soft
Like petals
Gently pressing
Your hands
Skimmed my body
Causing friction
My heart fluttering
Face flushing like the sky
Running my hands through your hair
You leaned in
And you whispered
"You are mine."
Oct 2019 · 166
Escape From You
Anastasia Oct 2019
I can't escape from you
You're keeping me
Hidden away
Not letting me love
Anyone else
Your smile is paralyzing
Your eyes are heart-stopping
Everything you do
Brings me back farther
I can't escape from you
So why should I try
Can't run away
From the way you look at me
From the way you glance down
From the way you smirk
You're deadly
But somehow
You're keeping me alive
I'm bound
To your soul
Whether you want it
Or not
You can try to push me away
But absence makes the heart grow fonder
You're the definition
Of angelic
I can't help
But think of you
Every time
I breathe
Every step
Is meant to get closer to you
To touch your skin
Feel your lips on mine
Revel in the friction
I can't escape from you
But then again
I don't want to
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