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Apr 11
Two book bags got shot down,
while celebrating the end of the school year on the playground.
All that red flowing blood covering the whole ground.
Destroying our souls.
And again!
In Chi-town.
Ain’t nothing sacred anymore.
Marching from here to there.
Saying “Stop The Violence”
is met by a community
that just don’t CARE.
I really CARE!
We The People must learn to CARE once again.
About our community.
About our kids.
Drop the Mic!
No more ***** to give!
Let me re-introduce my heart to you again.
Those two book bags represent someone’s
little girls shot on the playground.
It could have been your daughters lying there
on the ground bleeding out.
“Stop The Violence” isn’t just a message for
the South Side of Chicago or Black folks.
“Stop The Violence” is the last message to humanity.
To do something now,
while there is still HOPE!

(C) Copyrighted
On the South side  of Chicago; two  young girls were shot on the last day of class, while they were playing on the school playground.
Claude Robert Hill IV
Written by
Claude Robert Hill IV  Chicago, Illinois
(Chicago, Illinois)   
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