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Apr 2019
in this expanse,
painted sky dripping its
dinner-plate-scraped hues
of honey,
and pyramids.
I am breathing, alive,
filling my chest with
air sped past
delicious and addictive,
keeping my lungs drunk with these
gulps of a larger place.
untied, peering out
from above the road,
I open my arms.
let them course through
the quickly fading sights.
a myriad of life
spreading out
in every direction.
land that races
out hazily for
hundreds of miles, unfolding.
anonymous houses
and storefronts.
their distant windows
flare white light
for those inside them.
orbs, wavering
they glow with
and misery
and parties and days
and nights and
they glow,
whispering their
familiarity of
distant things.
I reach out,
grasping inanely,
for any of it
all of it
at once.
and like sand,
I let it sift through.
become my glimpse,
my smiling passerby.
A memory to be forgotten-
it shares a brief dance
with the wind, twirling,
silently lost in itself
for just
a few
before becoming truly lost
in everything else
beautiful that is
left behind.
Written by
Elijah Bowen  18/M/West Virginia
(18/M/West Virginia)   
         PMc, Fawn and L B
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