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Mar 2019
I sit alone in my room staring at the ceiling, With my palms pressed to my face questioning existence.
Whiskey bottle in my right hand, and some form of elicit substances in my left.
Trying to escape reality.
I sit and contemplate what the hell is left?
My brain starts to wonder through vivid landscapes, euphoric realms, and into desolate wastelands.
A waste array of terrane.
I perambulate these lands.
I try to reminisce of good times.

My mind stops!
Everything goes blank.
I see a dot afar off, growing every split second.
It envelopes all ,then the colors just start to come in focus.
I look upon myself sitting at A restaurant table.
My first thought is, this is where my imagination takes me?
I feel like  my hands are unfathomably clammy, as cold as the  aliment placed before me, it seems that I have forgotten.
There would seem to be a nervousness I can not shake.

Instantaneously I am struck with A strange feeling, and I know exactly where & when I am.
A tear runs down my faces as I ask myself why did I bring myself here ? Such joy and splendor in this memory, but all it is is a memory .
I give in and embrace it.
I know exactly where & when I am.

I am So nervous her beauty is the only thing keeping me calm, like a bottle to a baby I am mesmerized, and all other aspects of life fade.
I can almost feel the breeze sailing throw the air like ships at sea.
I still have to let her beauty sink in., and let my imagination take hold.
I can  feel the breeze sailing throw the air like ships at sea
The air is ripe with life and decay.
So many scents to behold.
A fresh ocean breeze, lilac from homes near by,  fish washed ashore, all scents I take in.
A combinations of smells that would most difficult for one to forget.
I will remember that night until my last day, and  after.
That was the night I found her love.
A love I could not seem to hang on to.
That is why I sit in this room alone, hands holding my face
little petty and largely proper for the occasion.
I must process. my heart and mind or locked in a extended battle. Locked into a special time, a perfect evening.
I see her beauty,the dinner, the docks, that historic night.
I smell the  breeze.
The memory is enchanting me. How did I get so lost in my thoughts?
It would seem the reminiscence could prove unexpectedly dangerous.
My thoughts, my emotions,**** how they can change.
Oh how things can change, Like A noble intentions clouded by lust.
A contagious lust is thick in the air.Lingering soaking into your being. even the bottles and beast that washed ashore were all beautiful. I could see the beauty in all things that night. until the ugliness escaped from with in.
The day dream has ceased, and I long for the night so I may dream again.
I sit her alone in my room
Leal Knowone
Written by
Leal Knowone  Nazareth Hell
(Nazareth Hell)   
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