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By Arcassin Burnham

Pulling my head out of *** just for a light day,
Things are not good on my end, you help the pain go away,
Storming out of rooms cause I'm sad the way this ended,
We were suppose to flourish,
Even though I meant it,
I would listen to the things you use to say,
If you loved me then you'd still be with me
Telling me you are not like my exes,
They lack health,
I was so mad at the end , I told you to ****
The same way he did,
He did,
He didn't love you like I,
Being comfortable with me left you in awe,
If only you could see the tears in my eyes,
Discussing all of our flaws,
Listen my girl I know you meant well in your mind but
Inside these little talks with me were just
a waste of time,
You and me both know it,
Although you don't show it,
But you did when you blocked me.
Silly me.
I never get any Justice for these *******
relationships that's why I don't want kids
to follow me,
I'd rather be with someone that want me for me.
Arcassin B
Written by
Arcassin B  21/M/Palm Coast , FL
(21/M/Palm Coast , FL)   
   Arcassin B
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