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Feb 2019
I just wanted to feel something
Instead of nothing at all
And I stood in the path of destruction
With my arms open wide
Anticipating the time of the fall
To see if I was still alive enough to cry
See the numbness was my fortress
Until it became my cage,
The walls came closer and closer
The cold in my soul kept me awake
Because I couldn't care
I could not love
I needed somewhere to put my trust
It hung in the air and it was suffocating me
It belonged somewhere
I tried to put it in me
But I couldn't fool myself too long
To trust my reflection had to be wrong
Because the broken promises
Rung in my ears
Of all the times I did that thing
I said I'd never go near
They told me look inside and you'll see, And when I looked inside,
I knew the answer couldn't be me
All that i’d find were questions
And my answers were only guesses
So where was the freedom they called the truth?
Because they promised and promised but never came through

And then you showed me, Lord,
That the answer was you.
“You turn man to destruction, And say, “Return, O children of men.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭90:3‬ ‭
And from there you took my hand
And walked with me on a new path‬‬
Never to be alone again.
You delivered me from darkness and the shadow of death,
That shadow being all my regrets -
That would follow me to hell,
And when I spoke from my cage
Let me out Lord Jesus please, only You can- I can't do this on my own,
My heart is broken.
My soul is longing,
You spoke back and at the sound of your voice
You tore the bars down and gave me a choice,
"Come with Me
Away from the grave"
Just as you rose,
I said I believed it
And I followed You
You gave your beloved rest.
Over my sins You were victorious
Rest on my soul, the lord has dealt bountifully with you
My indifference transforms to praise
When I put my trust in the only one who can raise from the grave.
Those who put their trust in YOU are never ashamed.
You have brought my soul to a wide place
The walls fell down
Every question is answered as I gaze into Your face,
Cause your face to shine and we shall be saved
This world binds in chains, Your words bought the freedom, for us you have written, You are the escape.
The promise maker, the promise keeper,
To Him who will always and ONLY be Faithful and True.
Melissa Veilleux
Written by
Melissa Veilleux  23/F
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