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Jan 18
I re all-ized,
steps still count

You run, when you can.

It is the thought, reason being,

you remember running when you could, but

if you never

run like a river,
or the wind,

you can only imagine, and that
is just
and fair.

imagine you knew a persona or
knew an I de ift to the point

of being famous for being so
about in or un fine it or ite in or e volving

valves, like
vacuum tubes, an
cient sparks tamed in qualesecs to the parsecteth

spec of time/space minus friction

non sense.

sophia her self speaks from shadows in riddles,

and every man, wombed, wounded, or un
every one kisses the sun
with that first

"this is the end of what began forever ago"
then "nope"
and only common sense is left the child

see smell touch taste test hear test touch test

bad good, good was first, but we never notice

we newborn bearers of light's burden.

Who, pray tell, who im magied, mal-praxiologically,
lucifer a name for the accuser?

the shining thing and the bearer of the light that may light
all lamps touched by it,

candles on a cake? means nada, right?

little light, of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine.
Ain't agonna let no lie put it out,

I'm gonna let it shine, y'know?
Taste, see, good. Prove me. Try. Same as doing,
if you did it in your heart,
if you imagined, did you
do or try?

Do or die, the old warrior who mocks the liar,
whispers, look'em in the eye. He winks.
I am hap ified if one word makes sense common enough to be seen, noticed, maybe being read as the color even blind imagine good. Signal stop. look and listen, go - don't wait for green. Go, I dare you.
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  70/M/Pine Valley CA
(70/M/Pine Valley CA)   
     mc6lm, mercy party and Yveline
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