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Jan 12
It tears and chokes like brine,
Memories of snuffed freedom and love,
A perfect picture of an ex world.

The eye followed the hand,
and blindly met it's end.

An open wound is bleeding,
Without flesh to go back to,
Without the sink to fall into.

The hand followed the soul,
In to the ancient dream, far over the wall.

On the alter of the crushed dreams,
The drowned man's well,
To my own funeral.

But if nothing else the heart is beating still,
It has always done, and it always will.

Despair will conquer all,
Because it has become powerful,
We brought it the sacrifices:

The deaf blind and the blind cripples all!
The ones who lost their innocent soul.

This is the price!
This is the place!
This is the Sacrifice!

Fight now, ****, spill, until your last breath,
Laugh til the last drop of blood into the face of DEATH!

This is what DEATH is!
This is where it leads!
This is the sacrifice!
Give it what it needs!
Written by
Chris  24/M
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