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Jan 2019
Nights are longer
Without you by my side.
I've realized you moved on
So did I.

I thought this was over,
Those moments have passed.
Every time I think of you,
I'm reminded of the past.
My heart beats faster

I've met others,
None like you.
I don't want a replacement
But I can't have you.

You've met someone new
I bet you're happier.
I envy your ability
To forget about me.

Wishing I've never laid eyes on you,
Forget what we once had,
But no matter what
You'll always have my heart.

I'll forget you ...Eventually.
It's taking longer than expected.
I'm frustrated, hurt, sad, and alone.

I still wake up every morning
A smile on my face,
Living my life to the fullest...
However, I feel hollow inside.

Something is missing,
I know what it is....
Should I acknowledge it?

No, I won't give in
Lust doesn't last,
Love is earned
Not made.

He'll come my way,
Give me laughs, smiles, and more.
Look into my eyes,
and never let me go.

Time will tell
What destiny entails.
Night looks pleasant,
Welcoming with open arms.

I'll close my eyes,
Drift to sleep.
Waking up to a better tomorrow,
Or nothing at all.

The sky turns black
My eyes heavy....
It's time..
Take a deep breath...
Forget about eternity.
Anna Martinez Villicana
Written by
Anna Martinez Villicana  23/F
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