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Dec 2018
It’s time to run
with our hands folded in each other’s threatening to separate because of the slipperiness caused by the sweat escaping our skin
our decisions are impulsive and exileraging,
how could I ever let you go?
you are the noise of my monotone life, the only pulse that gets my heart beating
I don’t know where we’ll go, but I’ll know it’s right where I’m meant to be.
we shall tell no one where we’re going
what we’re doing
they would never
will never
it is love that has made our vision blurry and our hearts beat faster
a decade separates our age, and for others it’s what should separate us completely
they don’t understand love exists in the darkest, lonliest places
love is *****, beautiful, **** and exciting
our love exists in imagination and hope
is all we have
all we need
so let’s go,
no one can interfere with our fate,
we will run to a small town and change our names
where no one can see us
no one can separate us
they will look for us in every corner that is broken
but what they will find
are two ghosts that have fallen
midnight poems after a cup of coffee and finishing a novel, please excuse my terrible writing I have no friends and so the result is talking to myself in my ****** poems.
Madeline Lune
Written by
Madeline Lune  20/F/staring at the moon
(20/F/staring at the moon)   
   once privileged
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