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It's growing cold walking upon this memory, Warm skin morphed into shadows so lucid. Scouring for words to say, as I go on each day.... I watch the clouds roll by, & Now I realize all that is left is goodbye.... If only you proved worth a try.
once privileged Dec 2019
Victims of circumstances
We've had our chances
Taken our turns
Handling the burns
So afraid to feel
Won't you set me free?
Stubborn and full of angst
My heart grown cold
I'm as scared as ever
You're still clever
I pushed you away
But I held your place
Wished you would stay
I'm ready to fight
Sick of taking flight
Please stay with me
Set me free
Banish these shackles
We're forever afraid
But you my friend
Are my only key
So now release me
And come along...
Meet me in the nether
once privileged Nov 2019
You never knew it
You never even knew
Waited through my darkest hour
Here you waited
All warnings aside
I want to believe in love
Wish I could give in
And here I go again
I'll be your favorite ghost
I miss you the most
But I can't explain it
Fighting feelings
So I'm on my way
Please don't call it love
Please don't count on me
Youre so unstable...
I'm so unreliable.
Why can't this be easy
Why can't we be
Well my dear...
I'll let you down easy this time
We simply were not meant to meet
A train wreck you might say
But hey,
Let's grab something to eat
There's always tonorrow
Tomorrow we'll admit defeat
I can't fight you anymore.
Just promise never to count on me
I'll be gone with the breeze
Forever loving you.
Please ignore the warnings

And you stayed anyway
once privileged Nov 2019
**** me I'm pathetic
So ******* empathetic
This isn't my blood
Where is realitttty
I can't find the line
Please help me
seperate yours from mine
It's killing me
So A.D.D.
Can't even process
But I will profess
I'm falling deeeep
Just tell me
Why must you weep
Why must I
once privileged Dec 2018
The errs end
All come to mend
-Excuses away
Adhere to a calling
Amidst the falling
Footholds of dark
For depths unseen
Shall shine brightest
Under my light

No longer lost,
Just on my way
Far from home
I'm reaching out
once privileged Dec 2018
Hast thou forgotten?
You pledged your honor
If ever it was too great
You'd take me away in haste
Drifting against the clock
Might you come for me tonight?
I fear I've lost my way
So very blinded,
The bluster is too great
Please take me away.
Oh come now.  
Hear this bellow
Oh my dear, be quick.
once privileged Dec 2018
Lets find a reason to be excited
While all else crumbles away
Take me into your moment.
Lets get a little voluptuous
We can be selfish
Tears can't be strung
Your taste on my tongue
Baby lets not be frugal
Less to fear than eccentric
Let's create a new memory
Inside it we can crawl
Forever in your moment
I pour my heart out to you.
Lingering words
Left to be assembled
Pieces fall apart
Memories wash away
I'm too ******* eccentric.
Give me just this one
Just one last memory back
Wont you caress me
Wouldn't it be lovely?
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