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once privileged Dec 2018
The errs end
All come to mend
-Excuses away
Adhere to a calling
Amidst the falling
Footholds of dark
For depths unseen
Shall shine brightest
Under my light

No longer lost,
Just on my way
Far from home
I'm reaching out
once privileged Dec 2018
Hast thou forgotten?
You pledged your honor
If ever it was too great
You'd take me away in haste
Drifting against the clock
Might you come for me tonight?
I fear I've lost my way
So very blinded,
The bluster is too great
Please take me away.
Oh come now.  
Hear this bellow
Oh my dear, be quick.
once privileged Dec 2018
Lets find a reason to be excited
While all else crumbles away
Take me into your moment.
Lets get a little voluptuous
We can be selfish
Tears can't be strung
Your taste on my tongue
Baby lets not be frugal
Less to fear than eccentric
Let's create a new memory
Inside it we can crawl
Forever in your moment
I pour my heart out to you.
Lingering words
Left to be assembled
Pieces fall apart
Memories wash away
I'm too ******* eccentric.
Give me just this one
Just one last memory back
Wont you caress me
Wouldn't it be lovely?
once privileged Dec 2018
I must save you
Save you from your hope
Let me be the one
To tear you apart
I'll be ever so gentle
You are a ray of sunshine
In a world of darkness.
I remember how it felt
So hopeless and scared
But trusting in humanity...
My dear please listen
They will tear you apart
Let me wound you...
Ever so gently
I need to leave my mark
I can keep you safe
But you must carry your pain
Forever on your sleeve.
I hurt people ever so gently

Let me be the one my dear
Let me break you in
Please give me your hope
I live to hurt you,
To show you the world
From these bleeding eyes
I hurt you, with best wishes
I'll be here
And you will... come to me
The face of a saint
Tortured for eons.
I am an angel,
Though I have fallen.
So shall you.
once privileged Dec 2018
Can you watch?
As the pain consumes me
I desire a friend,
A warrior of light
To end this forever night
Much less to be desired,
I will, too show you the dark side
I will, too show you your own pain
Lavish in the glory of the pain
Let our demons be melancholy
lawlessly leading you to the night.
It's a trap, and perhaps
I'll let you think you've trapped me
I wish to show you my pain,
Steal away your light
You pretend to be afraid
I pretend to care.
Nobody will know you're there.
The joy of pain is so great
Now let us celebrate.
I am the end to all of you demons.
My demons so mighty and tall
I'll take on them all.
I feed my demon and take much joy
Watching them destroy all who try.
Your demons will become mine,
They have willed it to be
For I shall offer them what you cannot.  
Do not fear, leave it to me.
once privileged Dec 2018
Have you ever stood in a maze,
Or a busy city street?
Pondering what might be.

I heard you want inside my head.
You yearn to know who I am
These walls my dear... they bleed
These walls are not for my protection

You reassured me time after time,
I'm so sorry...
for having faith in you.
You tore through so many walls
You faced my demons time after time
But my friend.... please stop
These walls have consumed me
I'm afraid of what may remain.
I'm so sorry
You watched the final moment
You seen through darkness
As my demons consumed me
They tore through every limb
Cleaned the blood by tongue
I'm sorry you didn't make it out on time
I'm sorry you're forever mine
Neither of us will make it out
I watched
As you let my demons consume you
You told me you would win.
I knew you stood no chance,
My demons lavished on your pain.
But into the crevices of darkness
My friend...
You're stuck with me until the end.
once privileged Dec 2018
You turned to me.
And my heart stood still
The pain in your eyes
The blood on your hands
A night... not to be forgotten
Do you remember?
A cool breeze,
And then time stood still
A merry evening.
The fear in your eyes,
I knew it was time.
Reassuring words spewed from my lips.
I promised to make it end
If only
I knew then what I faced
As promised I set out to destroy...
Every last demon you had.
Every morcel of pain you held
You trusted me
That was your only mistake
I can't hold back now
I found myself in battle,
We set out to win or die trying
If only
It was only after I awoke
Covered in ****** wounds
I was your only demon
The one who destroyed you...
The one I hated most
I took the light in your eyes,
The crooked smile,
The way you looked up to me..
Before I destroyed it all.
So now I sit here,
In my final moments
Blood runs down my chest,
Hand shaking with disgust...
As I will always keep my promise
Your demons shall be slayed.
My friend.... you are are forever safe
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