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Oct 2018
i play my cards
by ear
no strategy
no plan
i just
play the cards
because of what
i hear

he says

i love you

so i play the
i love you
card right back

he says

i need you

but i don't have that card
so i play another
i love you
and hope he doesn't

he says

i care about you

and i want to play
but my cards
still say i

he says

you never listen

and i hear him
but my cards are blurry
through my tears
so i play
i love you
instead of sorry

he says

i don't believe you when you say you love me

but i've run out of cards to say i love you
so i finally play
i'm sorry

and he says i've wasted his time
and that he can't tell if i ever even cared
or loved

and i play an uno
+4 card
hoping he'll draw the
i love yous
i've discarded
and already played

but he draws
i hate you
i can't trust you
i've fallen out of love with you
i still want to care but i can't

and i'm crying again
and can't see my cards
so i play
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
forgive me

and he looks at his hand and sighs
drawing a card
not knowing what to play
not knowing what to say
not even knowing who i am

and i draw too
i love you
from the deck
a cruel irony

he looks at me
waiting on my move
as i archive the card
and fold

he smiles weakly
and plays
i forgive you

but with my cards on the table
i'm forced to pay up
so i offer him
a final
i love you
as i walk away from the game
Written by
anon  F
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