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Oct 2018
This step,
Moves you forward
That step,
Sets you back
Be determined to just keep moving
And not panic, when the mind attacks

Being present,
Allows growth
Numbing out,
Smothers the seed
Staying nourished, in both body and soul
Lifts the fog and allows you to breathe

Going quick,
Isn't always better
Slow and steady,
Can set the pace
Running, may not be faster
For crawling, could win the race
All steps, are as varied as the individuals who take them...What's right for one, may not hold true for another...Thus, there is no right or wrong/ winning or losing here...True accomplishment comes from simply deciding to take the first step!
Broken Arpeggio
Written by
Broken Arpeggio
         Suzy, Keith Wilson, ---, Jen, Micrography-Mike D and 4 others
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