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Oct 9
I'm fine without you

I leave bed a little bit less
I'm always tired
and my room is a mess

I'm fine without you
Sometimes I cry for no reason
and I'll blame it on mood swings
or the change of season

I'm fine without you
although I think of you all day
wondering why you left and
hoping you're okay

I'm fine without you
My friends have concern
they say I've lost it
and I'm letting my life burn

I'm fine without you
the rare occasions I'm in my car
I don't wear a seatbelt
and I'm headed to the bar

I'm fine without you
I really swear that it's true
I guess I'm spiraling out of control
but it's not because of you...
Written by
oddmanout  24/M/Colorado, USA
(24/M/Colorado, USA)   
         PoetryJournal, Myrrdin, Dennis Willis, Lara P, J F O and 26 others
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