oddmanout Nov 23
You were right
She broke my heart
and now I'm broken
But you're wrong
I don't wish I never met her
Because those moments
looking in her hazel eyes
make this pain
oddmanout Nov 19
When I quit smoking
I always wanted a cig
I would crave one
with every bone in my body
And then one day
I just didn't anymore

I hope I have as much luck getting over you
oddmanout Nov 6
I love my bed
Nobody can hurt me here
I'll bundle in blankets
and watch movies of love
that I'll never have
and I don't have to put up walls
because they're already around me
and I might not feel good
but at least I don't feel bad
  Oct 26 oddmanout
Breathe in and out
Their words dont count
i'm in pain
jut let me be
let me cry
until i fall asleep
i'm not important
i'm not enough
just let me give up
i can't breathe
i can't think
i don't even matter anymore
i just want to scream
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