5d oddmanout
I miss the way I loved you
With every breath I loved you

I miss the silly girl in me
That though we would love eternally

A song, a place I’m right back there
Young, naive without a care

Before I really grew into me
There was always us, you and me

Good times planted in my mind
Bad boxed up somewhere behind

Now I’m older now I see
You were never good for me

I had bad days, tears and sad days
Not knowing what I had done days

Try harder tomorrow days
Fail again and again days

I miss the person you could sometimes be
When you were not hurting me

So do I miss you, don’t you see
I miss the person I though you could be

I miss the way I loved you
With every breath I loved you
I have been stabbed a thousand times in my back,
I am beginning to look like a porcupine.
oddmanout Oct 9
I'm fine without you

I leave bed a little bit less
I'm always tired
and my room is a mess

I'm fine without you
Sometimes I cry for no reason
and I'll blame it on mood swings
or the change of season

I'm fine without you
although I think of you all day
wondering why you left and
hoping you're okay

I'm fine without you
My friends have concern
they say I've lost it
and I'm letting my life burn

I'm fine without you
the rare occasions I'm in my car
I don't wear a seatbelt
and I'm headed to the bar

I'm fine without you
I really swear that it's true
I guess I'm spiraling out of control
but it's not because of you...
oddmanout Oct 1
For you
I would wait 1000 years
even if I died in 100
oddmanout Sep 25
I try so hard
to make others proud of me
because I think
that's the only way
I can be proud of myself
oddmanout Sep 20
Maybe I try so hard
So you can see the worth in me
I don't see in myself
oddmanout Sep 17
I know it's not love
We're not there yet
I still get butterflies
and the warm security of love
isn't there yet.

But she calms my demons
I don't think about how small I am
in the universe
or the looming truth of death
when I'm around her.

When she runs her fingers through my hair
and I have to decide between telling her
how special she is
or kissing her again

Well in that moment maybe
I do love her.
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