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Sep 2018
The bees swarm.
They do it just to explore.
Their disturbed by a potential confrontation.
For themselves and the protection of the hive yet another righteous indignation.
They fill the combs with honey.
They stay together as a family that always tells me something.
All within my dignity.
Creatures should always be approached with caution, and I feel the fear it brings within me.
As sun helps them thrive.
They still have a struggle to survive.
On this day I just seemed to pass.
The swarm was provoked by my humble passing at last.
If you know your terrain you know your danger.
This time it was not like I was a stranger.
Although I already have a plan.
It must have been fate that shook my hand.
Though I was never stung.
My fear still lives deep in my heart for that one.
Always respect the way of our earth.
Just like with any living thing it is their choice of birth.
I am not getting into politics here.
I am just warning in nature be cautious and know what is near.
If you are someplace you do not know.
Adjust accordingly and off you go.
Just know you always need family or friends.
So seek out life’s adventures to the very end.
Written by
Eric Babsy  40/M/NC
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