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Sep 2018
It’s 1:43am and I can’t sleep
Thinking about you makes me overthink
Everything seems better when I’m with you
I’m keeping track of the time
Every minute is worth it when I’m with you

It’s 1:44am
Nothing makes me more happy then when I’m with you
I don’t think you understand how much I love you
I made a promise to myself that I will live my best life

It’s 1:45am
Happy life for myself
You make me happy
I don’t want to hurt myself again by keeping everything inside
I don’t want to be hurt again
I don’t want to me sad again

It’s 1:46am
Everything was just so bad for me at the time
Life had me in the palms of its hands

It’s 1:47am
It felt like everything was over at such a young age
Nothing made me happy
Nothing made me wake up and want to smile
Nothing made me want to wake up and have a purpose in this world
Nothing and I mean

It’s 1:48am
You came into my life when I was done
I didn’t care at all about anything
You gave me a purpose

It’s 1:49am
You made me think of my future
Of my family and friends
A family with you
I took me in and helped me
With love, honesty

It’s 1:50am
You gave me everything I needed to came back from that dark place
Yeah we fight
Yeah we have our differences
But still at the end of the day we say I love you

It’s 1:51am
No matter how bad the arguments were
We are still there for each other
And that’s all I need
I’m there for you and your here for me

It’s 1:52am
That’s all we need... is each other
I love

It’s 1:52am and I’m madly in love with you.

It’s 1:54am
Written by
Nicolespoetry  20/F/New Jersey
(20/F/New Jersey)   
       Call me Oliver, Yann, Lily, everly, Kapi Laur and 4 others
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