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Aug 2018
5am Sunday morning
Quiet throughout the house
Till I hear fumbling around in the kitchen
See you scared out of your mind
You can't get up.
I help you up
You fall again
I help you up
You fall again.
These tears wet my face and I fall to my knees.
It's time for you to go.

As I lay with you waiting to go put you down
The flash of memories rush through my head.
The memories of you saving me from myself I will never forget.
I'm alive because of you.
The memories where you always made me laugh and smile just because I was upset.
But My heart shatters and I can feel sharp pains throughout my body.
It hurts to see you in fear and pain.
Yet you were in pain for awhile
Sorry I couldn't save you.

The car ride to the hospital was the hardest.
As you layed next to me panting and looking up at me scared.
Tore me apart.
Yet you gave me one last kiss
And I felt in the moment I know you loved me and said it's going to be ok.
You gave me signs that you were ready.

We get to the hospital.
I break down because I know I have to be with you when you go.
I needed to comfort you how you comforted me through my dark times and when I was scared.
I hug you
I hold you
I pet you
All these moments and memories.
As we wait for the doctor
I look into your eyes since that's the only thing you could move.
You looked at me and I looked back.
My heart tightens and my.stomach flips upside down.  

I pet you constantly trying to stay strong and not break eyes already puffy,red and aching.
You slowly begin to fall asleep because your relaxed in my arms.
You warmed my heart with the kiss in the car then you relaxed as I've seen all morning.
Then you make me laugh one last time.
You burp loudly.
I'm sobbing yet laughing cause you always know how to make me laugh when I shouldn't be.

Thank you for,
reassuring me.
loving me for me.
making me smile.
making me laugh.
reminding me I'm loved.
But most importantly
Thank you for saving me.
Still wish I could have saved and helped you more.

We knock on the door to let them know it's time.
The doctor explains what's going to happen.
I break down.
She puts the tranquilizer to relax you.
Your heartbeat slows down significantly.
I pet you and comfort you for the last moments on this earth.  
The doctor comes back.
Puts the last injection

All of sudden...
Your heartbeat simply stopped in my hands.
I couldn't even cry in that moment.
I was just so numb I couldn't even process it.

The car ride home felt like it went on for hours.
It felt like the road kept getting longer.
My head was simply numb.
My heart was in my stomach and I can feel the shattered pieces poking me internally.

You had a long amazing life full of love and made everyone happy that met you.
You lightened up the room everywhere you went.
You made me happy when I didn't want to be.
You were the bestfriend I could have ever asked for.
Thank you for saving me.
I'm happy your not in pain anymore.
Thank you for fighting for
so long.

Your forever in my heart.
I love you Brandy.
Goodbye and I will be with you again one day.
This poem I guess you can is or isn't a poem but it about me losing my bestfriend, my companion of the last 15 years. She saved me countless times. Yes she's a dog but many people won't understand the bond we shared.
Meghan Young
Written by
Meghan Young  24/F/Illinois
     Thoughts From Late Nights, --- and Scorpio
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