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Jun 2018
Broken, battered and bruised but still
walking down this path , of course you'd choose....
Yes, you came for some advice
I faced you away from that abuse
Yet you'd rather be a tool
Instead of treasured, only used
Reached to save you once again
But you slapped the hand I lent

Pity is a fools reprieve....
Naivety is a strong belief
Your god was never heaven sent
A false idol by which you've bled
Your god was never heaven sent
You've wasted life on a broken wish

Every time you told me no
Every time you stayed, I failed
It was in the way I loved you
In these wasted steps I took, I felt
That I would always burn in ****
The promises that you would leave
Were always my fool's.... reprieve...
For anyone who's ever known a friend or has been in an abusive relationship and either never listened to the chances to get out, or ignored them until you listened.

Inspiration : Sober by Tool
HopelessOutlet Knight
Written by
HopelessOutlet Knight  28/M/NYC
     Geanna and Mark Tilford
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