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Jun 2018
Blood left a stain on my heart
Hands made a permanent dent on skin
You lit fire in me that refuses to be snuffed
My head the residence you built a home in

Taken over, body will not budge an inch
Each time-tested muscle shuts down
If you want total control all you have to do
Look really hard into my eyes of brown

My limbs eager to bend to your will
Stick me whichever shady spot you please
In the gutter or between your bedsheets
Dangle me from fingers with ease

In corners you put me awhile
Another one of your trophies tucked behind glass
Grow bored with everything given enough time
Your mind changes quickly as seasons pass

We left marks on eachother
Until the end will wear evidence you were here, I there
I beg you to tell me if you don with pride
Or if pain is too embarrassing to share

Deep within the middle of our souls
Between suffering, solitude, and stifling ego
Is a scar we're forced to live with every day
No matter how much time passes, who we're with, anywhere we go.
Written by
Amanda  23/F/Alaska
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