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Jun 2018
The bridled city of taboos has bright lights and sleepless nights, blood stained murderers alley, the den of thieves,Β illegitimate conceived *******, mischief and *** gorge the air, strange prostitution and troubled gamblers, the city burns angry with bright red ambers, whiskey stained carpets and icy malt liquor stares, thick cigars conceive children of ash, deranged eyes of supernatural madness like burning glass, the prowler, the stalker, audible mumbling outlined in chalk, 44 magnums, psychedelic cannibals, our bodies paint the street, screaming mothers cry, your sons buried 6 feet deep, pills and hash, crack rocks stuffed in socks, od's and priests, og's and freshly bleeding meat, the jungle cries, unimaginable struggles of our conceptual being, ignore the vice, schizophrenic minds, atomic clowns, drinking wine off the devils horn, incredulous depictions of murdering Christ, our sacrilegious hell, welcome to our life
Written by
Steve  24/M/New York
(24/M/New York)   
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