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May 2018
All existence divided by absolute nothingness, the walls of perception pulverized by the hammers of interpretation, the creators of everything exist in ourselves, what do our eyes grasp when we stare at the bold truth? do we actually look or do we pretend to see? taught how to fail since the day we were born, a number and a name, property owned by nothing, our world is created with the lust of savage kings, never understanding why but always searching for an answer, learn to run before we can crawl, learn to fight before we can love, pitted lies of false alienation, the sausage maker of educated nothing, lustful ignorance crattles the ego, self righteously all knowing beings, we all exist but are we truly here? are we living? or are we just pretending to see?
Written by
Steve  24/M/New York
(24/M/New York)   
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