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May 2018
Good woman

Looking for a good woman;
Been looking for her my whole life through.
Searching for some good lovin’;
This is my search and it leaves me feeling so blue.

Tryin’ to find her, looking everywhere I go.
I’m just looking for a good woman.
Won’t you give me directions to her, if you know?
I’m just looking at the women as they all pass on by.
Waiting on a good woman.
I’ve been waiting my whole life.

I’ve met the most beautiful roses,
And they all wilted away.
I’ve seen the brightest moonbeams,
And they all faded with the passing days.
I’ve woken up next to Goddesses,
And I’ve slept next to ugly hearts.
I’ve wasted too much time on empty dresses.
I’ve broken pieces of me that can’t be cured with stars.

I’m singing songs of lovin’,
But I’m lonely as a bee.
I’m writing poems about love,
But love is a thing I ain’t ever seen.
I’ve seen a thousand imitators,
And I’ve wined and dined a million fakes.
I’ve listened to other people’s stories;
All the lovers and all those I hate.
I could never believe their souls were good for me,
Because all I have ever known is misery.

Still time to find a good woman, they say.
I’ve still got time on my hands, so I pray.
I’ve been sitting on my hands forever.
I hope opposites truly do attract,
Because I am such a stupid man,
And I am still left here waiting for my love-life to get better.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
   Edmund black
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