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Mar 2018
She said to me "Marc now there's something i just could never understand, where is your heart exactly because I don't know how you continue to stand. How many times has it broke and how many times has it healed, if it's healed, has it healed? I don't get it why don't you give up like any other man?" All I could do was smile as a took her hand and in its Palm I traced my heart like I would in the sand, and I said. "My heart is in your hand where it has always been, and all those struggles yeah they’re hard but it makes it all worth it when we gaze at the stars." And as I closed her hand her teardrops hit the sand and washed into the ocean blue as she grasped out for me yelling I love you. And in the silence of our embrace she realized our hands had found grace as our heartbeats sang a tune we felt through our palms on that warm afternoon.

Written by
Marc Pruchnitzky
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