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JcA 22h
I hope one day you love someone the way I love you.

Because I love you, I hope they stay.
I will love you still
JcA 1d
You wrote it. You live it. It's beautiful. The one word poem that starts and ends with you.
JcA Feb 8
Without you, I would be lost in my own world, because you are my whole world. Love, where would that leave me?

JcA Jan 27
Maybe sometimes you aren't meant to find the words, only to feel them.
Then, if you are lucky, you find the one that feels them too.
JcA Jan 1
The sun comes up, a new year will begin. Still I hope one day the start and the end will be spent the same. With you.
Happy New Year
JcA Dec 2019
I still want you to be happy.
Even if it's not with me.
But, I must be honest, when I first said those words
I didn't know the pain they'd bring.
JcA Dec 2019
I will dance with you, though I am no dancer.
I will sing to you, though I am no singer.
I will write for you, though I am no poet.
All because I am yours.
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