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Feb 2018
sending shivers up our spine,
twisting our eyes to believe what we think,
unable to move because we have forgotten how,
staring at the thing outside the room,
the hands slowly slid inside the room,
wishing to horrify us more,
grabbing the **** to twist the door open,
the long creaking noise that makes us grab our covers,
the shadow looms over,
their voice was cracking and raspy,
"what do you fear, child?"
our words seem to be taken away from us,
we are helpless like a lamb when its getting preyed on,
the shadow only chuckles,
"you fear, fear itself."
you can't answer
no, you don't want to answer,
"how unfortunate for you child, for i am fear itself. "

the thing it was,
was my mind,
their was no shadow but only the thoughts that wash over me,
for our mind is fear itself
Written by
spiral-whirl  Cisgender Female/my broken mind
(Cisgender Female/my broken mind)   
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