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Dec 2017
You stand on the shoreline, watching the wild waves endlessly pound the earth and dash against the rocks. The rolling hills churn and crash in an eerie expanse of green and gray foaming depths. An endless sky grows darker and more foreboding by the second. Thunder rolls in the distance; you still refuse to leave. Your voice comes softly, and is ripped away by the wind, tossed out over the waters.

“Come back to me. I need you. I want you. Don't go!”

Ahhh... But I, sir, do not need you. The mighty ocean rumbles and groans, letting out wails and angered cries as she throws herself at the beach, the dock house, the cliff side, anything she can reach. The wind screams down the valley, shrieking her battle cry as she rips trees to pieces, blinding you with her rage. The pent-up malice of the heavens comes crashing down upon the terrain. Lightning bolts strike the crested waves again and again, charging her on in her decimation. With a shout from above, her tears break free from the clouds and careen towards the earth. They saturate every crevice and cranny with all the loathing of the air. You are deafened by the sounds of devastation around you, blown and beaten to your knees on the jagged rocks;
pounded and soaked by the anger and contempt so clearly seen in the eye of the storm. Desperate to preserve your own life; so suddenly at great risk, you call out.

“What have I done to deserve this? All that has transpired, I have done out of love!”

NO! Not a love for me, but a want for yourself. You spoke of honor and protection. You made false promises: to stay by my side, to sacrifice for me. But our actions will always speak the truth of our heart’s motives. And so, when you began to depend on me for fulfillment, to act possessive and controlling, I broke free from your craving grasp. You drive me out with your own selfish needs.

A wall of raging water rises from the bed of the sea, building into a mountain that blocks the sky from view. It charges toward the shore, gaining speed, power and determination, refusing to doubt or draw back. Even as your executioner rides towards you, in your ignorant hope you will not budge. Seconds before I smite you with my fury, obliterating you from my heart and mind forever, I whisper in your ear; “Your fatal mistake, my lover, was when you thought you could control the sea in all her glory, or hold back the storm she is.”
Averella Gaelstrom
Written by
Averella Gaelstrom  F
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