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Dec 2017
your glasses fogged up when i touched you.
just my presence shocked you.
we looked at each other eye to eye..
you looked away first because you were amazed that a girl like me would like a guy like you.
you hand grasped firmly on mine when got stuck in a dimension that i never wanted to be in.
you were my saving grace. you cared for me. and i let you go.
the night sky was so dark i never actually realized that morning had come.
and you my love had faded away with the moon.
you and i are opposites and can never be together, for i am the sun- radiant and scattered-
while you are the moon- bold and collected.
our love will never be complete because when i touch you we both lose a part of ourselves; slowly decay.
just like how your glasses fogged up that one cold day.
aush g
Written by
aush g  19/F/CA
     Lior Gavra and Bellvadear
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