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Sep 2017
I dont think she remembers why she came.

Why she is a different person, when it rains.

When everything began, before she knew her name.
Before this creature, she became.

With the thickening Fogg and Desolate Rain; she grip's her cloak and follow's her pain.

Her lifeless eyes lead her astray, as her feet trip over one another before two others came.

She made her way into a clearing and silence she regains.

The dark purple skies reveal a shape of blame and into her form she became.

Her sense's heightened like a catalyst, her intentions were vague. Inside her heart was filled with rage.

She made her way into town, devouring all that stood in her way.

Her blood shot eyes could see for miles. Her smell was refrain.

But unto others she would look the same until her mistakes began to leave a trail from which she became.

They gathered in many, they carried they're pitch forks and Stakes but nothing would **** her and she would eventually get away.

Leaving the town in fear, she made away. She layed low for year's until one mysterious day.

A weary traveler stumbled across her home fatigued. Riddled with torment, the man lay waste.

Her heart poured for the man and so she decided to let him stay.

She catered to his wounds and she fed him each day.
He then returned to health and asked for her Name.

She barried her head, she did not say.

The man so thankful for her help; he decided to stay and pay back the woman who had no name.

He did not remember from which he came, this weary Traveler also had no name.

He promised that he would do anything for her to let him stay.

She gathered his stuff and pushed him away.
She shut him out when it started to rain.

The man confused inside but determined for change.
He decided he would go into town and return with necessary things.

As he returned there was a beast at her door. In a panic he grabbed a rock but The beast instincts much quicker than his own. The strength of ten men charged him down to the ground.

This beast would not take his life all at once.

The man remembered in that very moment from in which he Came.

But he still loved her, So he pursued her any way.

The beast then Struck him down. This time oblivious in rage.

She tore him limb from limb but Realizing was half of her Pain.

The other part of her enjoyed it and so she continued to slay.

I dont think she remembers from which she became.Β Her lifeless eyes that lead her astray.

Her feet fall over one another before two others came.

Werewolves have no love life
Ryan Seth Cole
Written by
Ryan Seth Cole  31/M/Auburn, Georgia
(31/M/Auburn, Georgia)   
     ---, Lior Gavra and tumelo mogomotsi
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