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Aug 2017
Like the ever taunting waves that crash violently upon the sea shore. I could feel the force of your soul beating on the
walls of my fragile heart.

Like quick sand the harder I tried to fight it, the quicker I sunk into a deep well of
bitter sweet pain. There was good pain, though. Like that feeling you give me when you stare into the window's of my soul
triggering my veins to swell and heave with nervous energy.

Or that pain when I explain something dark and unpleasant but
I can see the understanding in your eyes. The look of knowing what I've gone through, because you've experpienced it

Your smile, it's mesmerizing. Like the first snowfall on a early Christmas morning, your smile casts a beam
of happiness into the hollow halls of my heart. And like dancing sparks drifting from a fire, my feelings for you burn on
into the night.

You didn't get my permission to enter into the
crevasses of my tired heart. But the moment you did, I was no longer just alive, I was living.
To the guy who sets a fire in my heart, and puts a skip in my step.
Written by
jewel  19/F/Washington
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