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Aug 2017
Anger curls around him
Grips him tight in giant claws
Takes hold before he can even process
It’s still dark
His knees still aching in the dirt
His best friend is still dead

Claws digging in, he pitches forward
Hands resting on dead man’s shoulders
He could have stopped this
He should have stopped this
He would have stopped this
And taken his place in a heartbeat

Too angry to cry
Too angry to say anything
He’s alone and the claws dig in deeper
It’s all directed towards himself
Not to the man on the ground
Because Castiel is a man now,
His burnt-out wings are testimony for that
And it hurts so **** much.

As if all the anger rises to the surface
All in one go
Like a volcano on the verge of eruption
Dean shouts to the sky
Ignoring the slight twinkling stars
And the bright moon
It’s supposed to be beautiful
But it’s ugly
Ugly with his own rage

Give him back!
Spoilers for 12x23.

written for the SPN Poetry Challenge | Prompt: anger
Written by
envydean  23/F/UK
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