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Aug 2017
Your summer skin,
It's like home to me,
Of when we were younger,
And everything seemed impossible,
At least to me.
You used to hold me in your arms,
And I'd listen to your heart beat,
Until it was time to go.

With your summer skin,
Always came with the scent of your cologne,
The scent I'd want my sheets to smell,
To drug me to sleep.

Your summer skin,
Always came with trouble.
Doubts and infidelity,
And I could not help but to wonder,
If I was worthless,
And if there was someone better.

Your summer skin,
Was good while it lasted,
Because when summer was over,
So were we,
And I just couldn't look,
Because it was killing me,
To see your hand entwined,
With someone that was not me.

Your summer skin,
Was my heaven.
It's as if summer was yesterday,
But I cannot relive the past,
To revive the monster in you.
Perhaps you live in regret,
But we're not young anymore,
So cherish me in your memories,
And you'll forever live in mine,
And so will summer.
Written by
electra  17/F/space
   --- and Glass
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