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Jul 2017
We used to be so close,
you were always my star,
light in the dark life.
You were the whole world to me.

I have always been here for you,
there was not even a second,
not even a moment
when I wouldn't help you.

I was the wall,
The support of our house,
house of the love,
The place supposed to help you.

You have never been at home,
that was the problem.
I have seen it,
I just couldn't believe it.

And the fear that you will not get home,
it has always been desolating me.
Yes, I've been thinking what if.
What if you are not going to come back home.

All of it,
I knew that we are standing here,
On the tiny line where stay and leave cross.
True is that I just couldn't believe it.

And now when it has happened,
When you crossed the line,
I stand alone in a love,
Looking at you running away.

The place full of joy,
My heart, the Eden used to be,
now is just a desolated desert
when you are not here.

I know that the place where you are going to be,
there must be a better ground,
and even if not,
you're going to make it flourish.

And the place where you have left me,
the place has changed after you have left,
the air is toxic and water is boiling.
The place has killed me.

Now I'm standing here,
the living body and the dead person in.
The place has killed my feelings.
The place has left nothing in.

Thank you,
you killed me,
now I'm not living,
just my body is surviving.
This is a story of the sad life. What can love do to you.
Written by
Richard  19/M/Slovakia
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