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May 2017
i stand trembling,
as i hold a gun
to the forehead
of my fears
grasp unsteady-
breathing calm
waiting and waiting
each precious second
as it slips away

a mirror
a cloak of safety, so clear
i am not human

my reflection
dares me to shoot
teases me with
its echoing laughter
its voice tantalizes
it knows i am weak
it chuckles because
it knows my
every move

its servant of image
reputation and impurity
meek and humble
like a mouse

i cant do it
i let the gun slip
from my hands
my clumsy doing

i am the girl
who cried wolf
into the darkness
i was only screaming

about the wolf of my own thoughts.
Written by
shåi  Androgynous/sound frequencies
(Androgynous/sound frequencies)   
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