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Feb 2017
i dont know how to start this so i'll just start by saying hello
even when i mean goodbye
i wanna get out of here because im tired
but im tired probably means im scared
but i'll just **** it up and get this over with
ask me if im okay and i'll say im wonderful
but maybe i mean i cant do it anymore
you see, everybody sees things with their own perspective
like i'll say trees are okay but i mean they're beautiful
by beautiful maybe i mean you
when i say you, i mean i adore you
and if i adore you i mean, ill always think of you

i wouldnt say i dont care
its just that i have a lot of pride that i cant swallow
when i say i cant swallow i mean
ive learned how to swallow starlight and
i hope you know that the ache it brings is like a cinnamon heartburn

i hate people with pride issues
they make my tongue burn and swell
but i mean my kiss taste like a shotgun to the lips
it'll make you feel brave.
it'll make you feel brave, but i mean it'll make me weak.

sometimes we all feel like we're imprisoned
somewhere we dont want to be
but let me tell you this, you're like a bird
you're free, you got the whole world
because baby, there's no such thing as cage.

let me end this with a thank you,
but maybe my thank you means hello.
ive been away for a long time. this poem was inspired by some tweet i read. hope you like it.
Written by
pam  18/F/Norfolk
   Lior Gavra and ---
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