victoria 4h

Cutting in came a toff
the smooth, smug kind
and as jitterbug turned to disco  
smooth-guy moved a bump and grind,
seems it felt as if you'd been left behind
and that's when it all kicked off.

So you pulled her a fast one back to your dorm
and in Cuban rumba rhythms both unadorned
where rough, was how you blew your horn
while siren sounded her unruly plume,
raging at the merry dance you had led
till dawn found her hung like the looming brume
that draped your battlefield bed.

victoria 20h

Left space
to hoe
between each
seeded row
just now
as the
weeds grow
around a
sprouting show
of beetroots'
I'll pull
and cull
on bended

victoria 2d

I had hoped to savour the salty
licks of sea air and promised lands
But felt, in the chagrin of chewing
(a raw chantenay too many);
that you had overstayed your welcome.  
Tasted it, in the mealy-mouthed,
minimal eye contact.

victoria 3d

What would the future make
of these random keepsakes:
a miniature milkfloat,
a crocheted doll toilet roll cover
and a pair of sequined
nipple tassels that lie next to
the roaming eye
of a cheating, ex-lover.

victoria 4d

When life is hard and unforgiving
there's a space  
a place I come to.
Where I review my stock
even though I know,
each repository within.
On occasion I go early
to smell the earth,
watch it steam a rising dawn.
Inhere, seasoned as compost,
I am black gold,
borne out of the rotting mound.

victoria 5d

With a grace
that belies their
short, hardiness:
Crocuses yellow and purple
petals cup
like hands in prayer
and congregate beneath
bowing Snowdrops
milk-white, drooping bells.
Flowers that shoulder us
out of the darkest days
with a cheer.

flower print
victoria 6d

Bush alive
Heart shaped foliage
Purple panicles, pollinators heaven

Crossbreeding pollenizers
Team playing homemakers
Flower nectar foodies; bees

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