victoria 14h

With a grace
that belies their
short, hardiness:
Crocuses yellow and purple
petals cup
like hands in prayer
and congregate beneath
bowing Snowdrops
milk-white, drooping bells.
Flowers that shoulder us
out of the darkest days
with a cheer.

flower print
victoria 1d

Bush alive
Heart shaped foliage
Purple panicles, pollinators heaven

Crossbreeding pollenizers
Team playing homemakers
Flower nectar foodies; bees

victoria 2d

There was the 1940s  'Dig for Victory',
the post-war years campaign against scarcity
How times again have gotten tough
when what we earn's just not enough
So I get an allotment after a while
of waiting on a list, seems they're back in style.
In varying seasonal orders:
propagate, create and procreate.
Essential Apparatus
Upkeep, nurture, life support.
And (with its own reward),
the labour of love.
(join in prayer with mother nature).

Recessions only gift is to turn us back to the land.
Desirable Outcome
To provide for and share.
From plastic plant pot or land unbound
to grow, unsoiled freshness
from roots underground,
others stored for all year round,
pickles and jams. spoils aplenty.

victoria 3d

At the big spinner I overheard ma tell me nan
''look ma, there's 't floozy barmaid from the Prince Alfred,
always got her eye on my Bri''.
I skip up and down and 't last machine
she looks up and says ''ello''.  I say,'' ello Floozy, I never heard that name before now''  she smiles and says,
''it's not my name, it's what I do for tips''.  ''Oh'' I replied....
''is that the same as when nan tells me
to put me best foot forward?''  
''Something like that'' she says and then looks up and laughs at nan and ma.

victoria 4d

Days when the dawns broke, honey dew,
I wore you like the air that shifted in our wake.
Our streets ran over Spring, both of us 'It'.
Winding up only to play footsie, in the concrete stairwells of our late summers.
You...the Kiss Chase of my youth.

victoria 5d

Tell me is it true,
are we really what we eat?
I swallowed a pip from a
greatfruit today
then overheard nan complain
and say, " OOh, these onions on me feet".

victoria 6d

We were many in altschmerz before arriving
at nodus tollens.  Filling up on morii,
we walked tallest in liberosis.

Words taken from 'The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows'.
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