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Sep 2016
Childhood is sacred,
No matter how good or
How bad.
For it is a time of blissful ignorance,
Before you learn that your mom's 'medicine' was just a shot of ******
And that your dad's 'friend' was just
His newest ****-buddy
Before you realize that you're broke
Because your mom is too busy drinking
To get a job
And your dad doesn't give a ****
Because he has a new family now.
Before you've been beaten down by the responsibility of caring for
Yourself and your brothers.

And before you know it that foolishness, that divine foolishness, has been ripped away and there is nothing left
But reality.

But years down the line you find yourself
Listening to your favorite song from when
You were five for the nostalgia
And sobbing while flipping through old photo albums
Even though you know that the man who brought the cake on your 3rd birthday was your mom's supplier
And that the woman behind the camera
Would become your first of many stepmothers.

But the look of joy on your face brings you to tears,
For it is a look you haven't seen
In fifteen years.
Something inspired by a discussion in class on Friday and the romantics.
Erika Castaldo
Written by
Erika Castaldo
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