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Jul 2016
All I want is to sit in a dark corner and cry.
But I have no tears my ducts have run dry.

I've had this feeling for months and months. I can't lose him, my devil still hunts.
Voices in my head trying to put me under his spell. I know one thing, I do not want to carry out their instruction, and perform there near-death stunts.

But you see, my resolve is week so it begins, through flesh I will saw.
With this there is no big mystery, there is only one conclusion one must draw....

This girl simply wishes to hurt no more.
"Please don't revive me!" She would implore.
From her final resting place; the bathroom floor
(C) 2015
Oliver Eil Shearer
Written by
Oliver Eil Shearer  25/Gender Fluid/United Kingdom
(25/Gender Fluid/United Kingdom)   
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