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Jun 2016
Sometimes I can't go a day without thinking about
Doing what my Dad did, and taking the easy way out
I imagine a gun up to my head or a noose on my neck
Unbuckle my seatbelt, and pray to God for a car wreck
I feel like such a fool, such a loser, such a mess
And yet, compared to others I am so very blessed
But sometimes I just feel as if I've never had a home
'cause even in a house full of people, I still feel all alone
I feel like the prodigal's son with no father to return to
Can't seem to find the answers, no matter who I turn to
If you stand too close to fire, eventually it's gonna burn you
I learned that the hard way, 'cause no one would ever come through
and save me from myself, as I was calling out for help
and I knew no one could hear me, but I still let out a yelp
All that pain and self destruction, it was weighing on my health
It was the deepest, darkest sorrow that I had ever, ever felt
Brian David Hazel
Written by
Brian David Hazel
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