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Meet me in the Garden
Where the wind whispers through the willows
As they bend to nature's mighty breath
Meet me on the sandy beach
Where the peaceful ocean ebbs & flows
Like the cycle of life and death
Meet at the the place
That can only be called


Where no one feels abandoned
Where no one feels alone
Time is infinite
But our bodies are not
They are destined for dust
For decay and rot
Our souls will be boundless
No longer distraught
So quiet your mind
And focus your thoughts
For now is the moment
Or have you forgot
That time waits for no one
No matter how hard it's fought
Be still among the storm
Do not quake among the thunder
Do not shake among the wind
Or the waves will pull you under
Be calm and find your center
Focus your mind and actions
Do not be lead by vanity
Or frivolous distractions
There is much to be valued
In the stillness of serenity
It will guide you along the path
To find your own identity
This world at times can seem like absolute chaos. Anxious and depressing thoughts are what disturb our inner peace. There is a storm brewing before us that clouds our troubled minds with constant fear, panic and distraction. Be still among this storm. Do not be afraid, stand your ground, find your peace and hold onto it.
Please don't make that cut
Please don't pull that trigger
Step away from that ledge
Because life is so much bigger
Than the current pain you're going through
There's so much pain inside of you
And yet, there's so much love
And this love, it flows directly
From the power that's above
The formless, shapeless oneness
That can fill your soul with peace
The only thing that matters
Is that you're willing to receive
You're so desperate for God
It seems he's never getting through
But God is in the universe
And the universe is in you
So when you find yourself
You'll know exactly what to do
Don't give up. Rid yourself of those poisonous thoughts that plague your troubled mind by looking within, and finding your inner-peace.
Sometimes I can't go a day without thinking about
Doing what my Dad did, and taking the easy way out
I imagine a gun up to my head or a noose on my neck
Unbuckle my seatbelt, and pray to God for a car wreck
I feel like such a fool, such a loser, such a mess
And yet, compared to others I am so very blessed
But sometimes I just feel as if I've never had a home
'cause even in a house full of people, I still feel all alone
I feel like the prodigal's son with no father to return to
Can't seem to find the answers, no matter who I turn to
If you stand too close to fire, eventually it's gonna burn you
I learned that the hard way, 'cause no one would ever come through
and save me from myself, as I was calling out for help
and I knew no one could hear me, but I still let out a yelp
All that pain and self destruction, it was weighing on my health
It was the deepest, darkest sorrow that I had ever, ever felt
I can see your sky exploding, falling overhead
Killing all your hopes and dreams, filling you with dread
Killing all your sons and daughters, babies in their beds
I can see your sky exploding, and I can see the dead

I can see your sky exploding, I can feel the fear
I can feel the pain and anguish, resistance drawing near
I can feel your endless sorrow, I can see the tears
I can see your sky exploding, all the way from here

I can see your sky exploding, I can tell you're lost
I can feel your righteous anger held at a great cost
As they destroy all your homes and schools, and burn up all your mosques
I can see your sky exploding, I can see your loss

I can see your sky exploding, I know that you can too
Smoggy clouds of smoke and dust where it used to be so blue
I can see the people running, frightened and confused
I can see your sky exploding, and I don't know what to do

I can see your sky exploding, I can feel the fright                
I can see the soldiers coming, trampling your rights
I can hear the dogs of war, barking as they bite
I can see your sky exploding, lighting up so bright

I can see your sky exploding, but no one else can see
Everyone surrounding me is blinded by TV
I can feel your raw emotion, for I have empathy
I can see your sky exploding, though it isn't me
This poem is dedicated to every war-torn country that has been ravaged by imperialism.
The sky is falling
The people are hiding
The jackboots are on their way
A mother is calling
A child is crying
Uncertain they'll live through the day
The tanks, they are treading
Across sovereign borders
Some soldiers are dreading
Their inhumane orders
Though they have an advantage
This war can't be won
And that "collateral damage"
Is somebody's son
The victims of war
Are the poor and the sick
Slaughtered like cattle
For the wealthy and rich
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