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Jun 2016
Kiyahaga jane, Kiyahaga,
The entrance is narrow,
Enter in; up the stairway
Of adamant wing's from
Cherubic sparrow's. Here
Mine love, there's none
Need to weareth aged

                  Inena, to the place of godly rest.

Thou shalt be made a dress,
From intangible material;
A pattern of the past,
Present, and future;
A glowing touch

             Nasgigwo Winigalsd, Nasgigwo Winigalsd;

Carven prayer's shalt reach the great one's
Throne, intertwined we'll be, with peace as
Home; worries none more, no skin nor bone
Shalt pass this zone, of angelic habitation.

Gvgeyu, Gvgeyu
O' we shalt love, a purest truth;
Galohisdi Hisdugi, come on through-
Thou art me, me thee, spiritual blood

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedicated
Kiyahaga- pronounced like  (key-ya-ha-gah) means ( come in) in Cherokee native american language.
Adamant - diamond .
Weareth- wear.
Inena- pronounced  (ee-nay-nah) means go with me.
Nasgigwo Winigalsd- which pronounced is like (nahs-gee-gwoe we-nee-gah-sht) means - amen, or let it be that way. It's for ending prayer to God! I mean it as amen.
Carven- archaic for saying carved.
Gvgeyu =  pronounced as (guh-***-you) I love you in Cherokee.
Galohisdi Hisdugi- open the door pronounced like - (gah-low-he-shtee  he-sh-do-gee) Cherokee tongue.

Will post this tommorrow on my SoundCloud on my name brandon Nagley ( :
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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