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May 2016

A life without you,
Is a life in great darkness,
'Cause you are my light.

A life without you,
Is a life full of sorrow,
'Cause you are my joy.

A life without you,
Is a life so incomplete,
'Cause you complete me.

A life without you,
Is a life without a life,
'Cause you are my life.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

A life without you,
Is a life without life,
'Cause you are my life.

ohhh how i love you sooo much my king,,,,, you are my life,,, you are my soulmate, my bestfriend, my love, my preordained,,,, You complete me, you've given meaning to my life, and you gave me the reason for my being,,,, that after all i thought before, that maybe i am meant to be just lonely and broken and sad.... you've lighten my darkened life, you've given me sunshine, you've given me sunny days and you've given me brighter nights full of stars of hope.... i love you sooo much,,,, i cherish you,,, words are never enough to express how i love you,,, time is never enough to prove to you how I cherish you,,,, forever is not even enough,,, i love you soo much,,,, God had blessed our love, He showed us that we are not only meant to be with each other, and we are not only meant for each other, but we are meant for bigger and higher purpose for the Lord,,,, together  we will work,,,, no leaving one behind,,, we are one soul, one flesh together.... that's why God made man and woman, soulmates together,,, coz as the bible says,  2 is better than one, if one is weak, the other can give strength, if one needs help, the other help,,,, and jot only for that purpose,, but for bigger ones according to God's plan,,,, and Yes,,, me and u have bigger purpose for God,,,, and together we fight and strive.. together we pray,,,, we help one another, strengthen one another, encouraging, inspiring one another,,, together we conquer these trials,,, together with God beside us,,, We are preordained,,, God had bonded us with an everlasting bond, an everlasting cord, a bond unbreakable,,,, me and u together will work as one and not separate,,,, and just wanna tell u i cherish you a lot,,,, you are all to me,,, u are my happiness,,,,, my love, my king , my soulmate, my preordained one,,

i love u soo much!!! mmeee mmmoossttt!!!
Earl Jane
Written by
Earl Jane  Philippines
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