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Mar 2016
The Cheshire moon smiles down on me tonight.
I’m completely out of synch with this cycle,
once again in the trough of the ever oscillating wavelength of life,
of emotion, of shifting energies, of morphing shadows casted upon by the apathetic celestial bodies who glide along through the heavens with such certainty, such staunch punctuality
as to give hope where there is none,
to know the sun will rise,
to know with certainty, with utmost faith that the moon will fall,
that the biting cold in the still night will turn into golden rays of illumination and warmth in a mere few hours,
a transformation that if somehow seen for the first time, would constitute as a miracle.
Apathetically they trudge along in their formations repeating their cosmic dances into eternity, the hands of the clock, casting shadows which decree time as we know it;
we kneel before the laws set forth, faithful and non believer, criminal and saint, man and women, there is no question of fealty,
for all subscribe to the church of time,
the tracking of shadows,
the calendar of Gregory.
The shadows smile at me tonight, but I don’t smile back.
Leonardo J
Written by
Leonardo J  Mare Tranquillitatis
(Mare Tranquillitatis)   
   Free Bird
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