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Feb 2016
When I was younger than I am now
I was part of a Cold War.
His heart was so cold
That it froze all of my Cuban heat.
He was only trying to help I guess
Only trying to show me his heart.
But I ran away scared into the arms
Of his enemy, my friend.
At least I thought that we were friends.
In the end it all came down to seconds,
He asked the question, I rang the hotline to the friend,
I pushed the button, in the end.
Everyone was contained, that's for sure.
So composed and dignified in the face
Of the cold shoulder.
Alas, the ally is no better than the enemy
We all have our secret snaky sides.
Even the man with the D.C dreams of foreign policy.
The man who only wanted me, the man who didn't mean to
Start this war.
And the worst part is, I don't know who was right.
War is never black and white.
Just a thought.
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