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Jan 2016
I'm not afraid of the way we use to lay
All alone, in the dark
When we used to stay up late

Whispering, kissing, loving
Holding each others hand as we fall blissfully into nothing
Not knowing whether we’d wake up in this bed
Or in another book waiting to be read

We speak softly keeping our touches on the edge of our seams
Creeping ever so softly until we’re too tired to sleep
Your grip is tighter, your breath is heavy,
My heartbeat races, and we’re getting sweaty

When I lay with you I don’t wish to sleep
The touch of your waste, your lips, your taste
Watching the stars collide in the reflections of your glistening green eyes
Holding you is too nice to waste

The way your touch sends shivers down my spine
Like 10,000 hits of ecstasy molecules running through my mind
It trickles out my pours and into yours
Leaving you with the feeling of my glittery warmth

We cuddle, we hold, and we stop
Now Im afraid
Because now sleep is stealing us away
For tonight is almost done
But before we fall blissfully into nothing
I just want you to know a little something….something….

I feel you…
I want you…
I love you….
Kurt LaVacque
Written by
Kurt LaVacque  Austin
   The Dedpoet
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