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Nov 2015
if we hadn't have met that way
would we have met any other?
that's the question I hate to think.

there can't be an answer to it, I feel
because you definitely did come to
and are in my life, but still, even so

would I have known you in the way
we hold each other now? so close? so
deeply fallen in our time, in each other?

I cannot say, but I can still hope, even
if that hoping is silly, since you have me
and I have you, and we have that weight

of knowing the other is in our hands, trust
like non other. keeping each other safe, like
our song promises us. close, close in hand

we understand it was circumstances, lucky
lucky circumstances getting us close enough
to one another for our souls to connect, and touch

we understand it could have gone another way
but fortune is ours, and we ruled those circumstances
king and queen of those gifts granted sweetly to us

and from those circumstances, we made vows
to keep each other safe throughout the seasons
of our life. how lucky. how fortunate. how lovely.
yeeeet another soft one
Written by
ciannie  England
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