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Oct 2015
The battle is far from over, since the battle is yet to be won.
As of now in the present the battle continues.

The risk of failure of failure remains somewhere at the back of mind.
The thought about failure not only triggers, but also gives surge to an anxiety from time to time.

What now?
What next?
What else?

The battle continues.
Not only the battle needs to be fought,
also important is to fight the battle with a positive mindset and a never give up attitude.

Important to keep in mind the fact that a win in the battle is the only thing that needs to be achieved at any cost.

Agreed and accepted that winning and losing remains part of the game
Still it’s winning that makes the real difference
It’s winning that counts.

As and when you win, then only things and people around you change
Definitely everything will not change on it's own,
nor do the people around you,
it's the mindset that undergoes a change
It's winning that makes all the difference.

The outside world looks at winners from a different point of view.
So once you win, then things change for you.

The outside world will then look at you differently.
Even you have to change your views about the outside world and look at with the same level of difference in mind
At first you were no one,
now that you have won,
winning has given you an identity, a new face.

Definitely, then it will come to mind that it’s winning that has made all the real difference.
It’s winning that counts

Keeping in mind the fact that the battle needs to be won,
move ahead with a desire to win and fight the battle till the very last moment in time.
aniket nikhade
Written by
aniket nikhade  Nagpur
   Daniel Ospina
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